earthconnect recently sent a contingent to Hong Kong and China, to meet with several of our current Supply Chain Partners, to review their Manufacturing / Research and Development Facilities, and to explore New Opportunities exhibited at the SNEC PV Power Expo.

The contingent was taken through the Production and Development facilities, and were able to witness the entire Production Process, as well as their Stringent Testing Regime.

The feedback from our Technical Director was very positive with respect to Production Process, especially with respect to Testing / Quality Control / Product Traceability.

The SNEC PV Power Expo, International Photovoltaic Power Energy and Smart Energy Exhibition, held over 1,800 Exhibitors, and included Seminars, Workshops, and Stalls showcasing new and leading concepts and products of the Renewable Energy Sector.

Our contingent underestimated the size and scale of the Expo, it is truly enormous … however, our Directors found time to meet with Senior Executives from our Inverter Supply Partner “SMA” and Racking Partners “Schletter” and “Clenergy”.

The benefits associated with attending such an industry leading event are in-line with earthconnect’ “Constant Improvement Program”, delivering results as we strive to bring our clients high quality, cutting edge products and solutions.