earthconnect have recently commissioned Australia’s largest Roof-Mount Solar Energy System in the Central-Western region of NSW, atop Australian Panel Products manufacturing facility.

The project consists of 2 Stages.  Stage 1 2MW previously installed by earthconnect and Stage 2 8MW, for a combined 10MW DC rating.

This project more than tripled the previous record for roof-mounted solar systems of 3 MW, making it the standout leader in this space.

Stage 2 of this Project consists of a massive 27,000 panels and will produce approximately 14 GWh of clean energy each year.

earthconnect would like to give thanks to all those involved in the successful delivery of this Project. We are proud to have delivered this enormous feat on time and within the project budget; despite freezing temperatures, global supply constraints and the profound impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on business operations.

The Project was recently featured in pvmagazine, and can be found here