australian owned and operated

Large Scale Projects (Solar Farms & Large Commercial) – Business Unit (Generally >1.0MW),
Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC), Monitor, Maintain, Project Developer, Project Financier

Commercial Project – Business Unit (Generally, >30.0kW – <500.0kW Solar Energy Systems)
Engineer, Design, Procure, Install, Test, Commission, Monitor, Maintain, Turn Key Solution Provider, Project Services Provider, Project Engineering Consultants, Project Management Consultants

Residential Projects – Business Unit (Generally, Domestic Grid Connect / Hybrid / Off Grid)
Design, Installation and Commissioning Services Provider, Remote Program Delivery, Premium Equipment Turn Key Solutions Provider,

Special Projects – Business Unit
Solar Thermal Solutions, Energy Efficiency Consultancy, Micro Grid Solutions, Commercial Hybrid Solutions, Remote Monitoring Stations, Cogeneration / Trigeneration Technology